Longji Brief


Longji Rice Terracces are located deeply in high mountain area, at an altitude of 1916 meter. The highest point of rice terracces is 1180 meter, while the lowest is 380 meter. That makes the vertical distance of 800 meter.

The rice terracces was started to build during Song Dynasty, well finished in the beginning of Qing Dynasty.

There are two ethnic people groups living here: Yao and Zhuang.
Yao people is living in Dazhai Village, while Zhuang people in Pingan Village, on the other side of Longji Rice Terracces.

The Yao and Zhuang people has worked very hardly with their rice terracces over thousands years so they could get rice for the life.


Dazhai Village. at Longji Rice Terracces, Guangxi, China
Dazhai Village at Longji Rice Terracces, Guangxi, China